Growing up, we’ve all seen the photo frames hanging in different corners of our house. We find some of them clattered on the walls of our room, and the rest pinned on the attic wall lined with the staircase or propped upright in our living room. When the time arrives to change the settings of our house or refurbish the walls, we find some holes left behind by the deeply dug nails. This is a turn-off for most of us and only adds to the ugly appeal of the wall. To cater to the issues of such nature, Mixtiles comes with a brilliant solution.

Yes! Now getting any of your pictures posted on the wall is an easy game. Mixtiles is all that you’re looking for. They are the frames with your photo prints that can stick and unstick for a maximum of two dozen times without doing damage to the wall. Each tile is 8 x 8 inches and comes in a variety of frame choices. They stick to the wall with their adhesive backing strips behind to mount the tiles smoothly on the wall.

They are now accessible at a flat rate of $10 each, but it may vary a bit as per the phone settings of the users. However, their regular price is around $55 to $60 for the first three printed tiles and $12 for the additional one. With the arrival of “mixtiles promo code,” the availing process has become quite economical to a commoner.

The tiles are made up of classic foam, giving off the costly vibe, but the truth is that they offer and support high-resolution professional photos. Good luck with trying to craft them at home. You may walk a mile to save an extra penny to get the same results but will always end up disappointed. It will not only consume your precious time and energy but may also not deliver the desired results.

It is better to place the order now and marvel at our craft. All you got to do is go to the mixtiles app and give them a picture of your choice. Upon logging in, they will ask for a photo of a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels resolution to derive a

print with accurate details. Next, get your real-life version of Instagram photos delivered at your place.

If you still have questions or second thoughts related to its nature or quality, here are some additional notes for you.

• Mixtiles are mobile. You can pull them off and stick them in a different spot whenever you feel like it.

• It comes with a ‘no damage to your wall’ policy, which is to say no wasted money!

• Photo frames do not come at a low price. Sometimes, the cost can be several hundred dollars.

You usually have to order a photo and then a frame, both of them separately, and then find a spot with a nail to get it done professionally. You may now avoid the hustle with mixtiles solution.